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Retail, Catering and Commercial

Being unique is what we strive for and its always great to meet with like minded business owners, who want something that little bit different to make their business stand out from the crowd. 

Over the years we have created various props, tables, shelves, seating booths and even mobile bars to name just a few, to the retail and commercial world. If you are looking to have your business stand out, why not give us a call or fill in the contact form on our contact page, where we look forward to turning your idea into a reality. 

Valley Gas’s own Fire Pits/BBQ’s. 

These fire pits come in two versions- Hemi or Flathead. Check out our online store for further information. 

V8 BBQ firepit
Original 50’s Fridge
 Fully restored and custom painted
Custom Door Handles
Bespoke mobile trade counter for a detailing and polishing company. 

This vehicle original began as an American Ambulance. 

Alterations consisted of: Changing the front sheet metal work to a “late model” along with air bagged kit to get this Ambulance slammed to the deck. A custom bonnet and front splitter, custom roof spoiler and side skirts were fabricated. A serving/trade hatch was required. 

Under the bonnet is a fuel injected small block, with custom engine covers along with induction kit. 

Due to the bespoke nature of this job- there are so many extra features,  far too many to list. 

 Please check out the pictures below to allow you the insight into this project, or maybe you’ll catch up with them at a future event.

Diner Booths custom made for Berkshire Diner

Cadillac booth was originally brought to us as a whole car, however the car was far too rotted out. Salvaging it into a Diner booth seemed like the best option.  A front and rear booth were created from the original car, custom made seats both appeasing to the eye along with being durable. Finished off in shocking pink and custom under lighting.

The red 57 Chevy booth are made from fibreglass- these can be supplied in 55, 56 and 57 Chevy, Other body styles are available on request.

Mobile bar unit created for West Berkshire Brewery. 

This Bedford was sourced by VGSS and was an original Harrods delivery van that according to records was kept to move the queens mothers furniture. 

The Van has a bespoke Bar contained within in, using Oak tops along with shelving to create a traditional English pub feel. The Van contains a complete inbuilt beer fridges, sink, cooker as well as fresh and waste water tank, along with all necessary pumping equipment for real Ales.

The Van is completely self contained with 240 hook up and a built in generator. 

The exterior was painted in WBB colours and hand sign written by the late Simon “Nefarious”  

“We think this turned out rather spiffing” If you fancy an Ale get and follow “Dave”


Art Deco Style Trade Stand 

Our very own Art Deco Trade stand for various shows and marketing purposes, first seen at the Hot Rod Hayride and many subsequent events since. This stand always goes down well with the public and a great meeting place for customers and parties.