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Current projects on the go within the VGSS workshop:

1964 Ford

This Tasca tribute is a 1964 Ford Thunderbolt. It is being built by the Valley Gas founder Jimmy, who has owned this car since 2003, where he brought it at Wheels day. It will be powered by the legendary 427 FE Big Block Ford and is connected to a Jerico 4 speed transmission and 9 inch Ford. The rear suspension is a custom design 4-link with watts linkage, and at the business end is a custom A-arm suspension set up, with coil overs. It is being built for historic circuit racing and will also get some drag strip action from time to time. There is lots of killer and rare parts on this Thunderbolt that makes it well worth a look, even if you are, unfortunately not a Ford fan.

Model A

This 5 window Coupe is powered by a Ford Flathead V8 and has come to us as a running, driving hot rod. We will be chopping the top around 4” and we will also be filling the roof in. The axle requires re mounting to get the wheels to sit correctly in the fenders. At this time we will also lower the back, and add different wheel and tyre combinations which will also move the track out. We will also be fitting a wider dropped I-beam. This will all hopefully make the car sit a lot nicer and lower. There is a whole bunch of other mods the customer requires us to do, for example, smooth running boards, rolled rear pan, custom interior. This awesome little A will be pounding the streets very soon.

75 Plymouth Voyager

This cool Van is now powered by a stroker 318CI (built in house by VGSS) which now produces over 340BHP, along with a rebuilt transmission, and fully rebuilt underpinnings. We have lowered the van by flipping the axle to get down in the weeds and sit well on those Rocket Racing Wheels. The van was taken back to bare metal and then painted in a House of Kolor Kustom mix. We have also done some cool little tricks on this van, like the Grille, moving the bumpers inwards, de-badging, nosed and decked. When you get to see this van, check out its headlining and interior as all this has been carried out by our very talented team here at Valley Gas Speed Shop.

Wide Bodied Mustang

This Notchback Mustang is not always a favourable year. However we were given a free hand to restyle the body and put some power under the hood, in the form of a 351 Cleveland stroker motor. This will be 415CI with Ally heads, roller rockers, Performa RPM inlet manifold and a 4 barrel Holley, as well as a set of headers linked to a Dual exhaust system. There is also a B&M C4 transmission and a Ford 8 inch rear axle. The thing you will notice mostly with this car is its Kustom body mods which we have fabricated in Steel. This Mustang has had a total transformation in the looks department and now looks very menacing in its Jet Black paint, and Kuston red and black 20″ ARE wheels. It’s not just the outside that grabs you – check out the inside too!

40's Ford Pick Up

This Pick Up was brought in as a donor vehicle for another customer originally wanted the rear wings. Our Austrian Client decided to save it. As you can see from the pictures we have totally rebuilt and restored her. Our in house VGSS Engine shop has completely rebuilt the 350 SBC to a 383 tri power set up. There have been many hours spent on just the bodywork in saving this truck and we certainly think it was worth it. The truck now also sports a Kugel IFS and a Ford 9” Rear on 4 bar and coil overs. It will also have a 700R4 for those auto bounds.

49 Chevy
Pick Up

This truck was in a very poor condition upon arrival into VGSS, with no engine or gearbox. We have now repaired the chassis, fitting an IFS with new 9″ Ford rear using a four bar set up. This truck is also running a Blue Print Crate Engine-SBC kicking out around 380 ponies. Whilst the underpinning will be new, along with some creature comforts and a 700R4 trans for highway cruising. We have also had ti fit new floor pans and repair various body damage and rust issues. The overall appearance of the truck will however keep its aged patina look. Look inside and under the bonnet though as it will be a different story as this will all be repainted in a Gloss, and trimmed in leather.

Dodge Step Van

Some would say there was no way forward after seeing the body falling off the chassis on this rare Dodge Route Van. This soon to be restored van which will be running a SBF just because of it’s size and dimensions, an AOD transmission, Ford 9” rear on coil overs and 4 bar. Plus a Kugel IFS she will be driving better than she ever did back in her hey day. This is being built to be a towing vehicle for our customers jaunts to Le Mans and spa with his Mustang and Datsun Z240 race cars. Keep your eye out, on those circuit tracks.

Austin Ambulance

Another build for the team at Burlen Fuels. We can’t wait to see this trade van finished.

This ambulance will sit on a custom fabricated VGSS chassis, using new IFS and Ford 9″ Rear. Power will come from a new 302 with AOD Transmission. Keep your eyes out for this one, further tricks to come. 

Ford Pick Up

This truck came into us with a 350 Chevy along with stock suspension. 

It now sits on a Kugel IFS front end, with Ford 9″ and 6 link on coil overs. Big brakes all round to handle the 600+ Ford Small Block 427ci, 5 Speed Trans.

This truck is guaranteed to be a blast! 


Ford Pilot

This car has an interesting history, as it had completed the Paris to Peking Ralley. Now it will have a new life as a street rod, with many cool modifications such as pillarless doors, side mounted rear boot, flush fit fuel filler. Whilst running a Jag V8 under its hood.  

PV544 Volvo

This Volvo was already extensively  modified including the roof chop prior to arrival with us,

Under the hood you will find a TVR V8 Rover and 5 Speed Transmission. Now at the paint shop we look forward to piecing this car back together. 

MK4 Jaguar

We’re excited about this build. This MK4 has had a custom built IFS along with Jag IRS. Whilst the car itself will sit on E Type chrome knock offs. The car will sit a lot lower than standard with big 14″ custom made brakes. All of this is to help stop this Jag due to Russ Carpenter built Damiler V8 all topped off with supercharger. Estimated power will be 300+.

There may be some body modifications so keep your eyes on this one. 


Not our normal thing that we would have in, but this; Datsun Pick up is running a SX200 Turbo engine and will have various upgrades in the suspension, various body mods and new paint.

Chevy C10

This Long Bed C10 is a perfect tool for carrying your chopper in, and when your a bike guy like the owner it needs to be made easy for loading bikes in and out. So what better way than to slam this killer truck on the deck.

88 Oldsmobile

This 57 Olds was once owned by Gordie Paul (Dukesville) and now owned by Kelvin who has a vast collection of cars. This will be very different from his current collection as its powered by a 558ci BBF with a pro charger to top it off. This engine once powered the 9 second Boston Brawler Drag Car (As seen below) 

E Type Jaguar

This E Type came to us part built. We were asked to put our own stamp on this awesome Jag.  This E Type will be powered by an XJR Supercharged engine along with upgraded brake. The choice of paint (Porsche Chalk Grey) with all its chrome work painted black will certainly turn heads. 


Have you ever seen the film Cobra? with Sylvester Stallone? This is what is destined for this super cool Mercury. The first big job we will be doing is chopping the roof! Then other various body mods, before it is painted. Love or hate the Cobra car – you have to love a Chopped Merc!

Other Projects in the workshop at VGSS:

Here you will see some of the other cars we currently have in at the VGSS. We don’t just cater for Turn key builds, we also do servicing and Small jobs, which include; Engine building and General Maintenance.