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Jimmy Falcon 




I have been into hotrodding for the last 28 yrs plus! First influenced by my American uncle who was a Ford man through and through; he was stationed here as a US airforce pilot when he owned a red Mk1 Cortina 1500GT. I loved that car.

When he went back to the States he would send pictures of him racing his twin engine Fairlane 500. Then one day on a hot Sunday afternoon I saw Rebellion driving through, I followed it and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. That was it, I had to have me a hotrod???? or two.. or three??

I currently have my daily driver my 52 Ford Sedan Delivery, tucked away in my garage at home is my 1961 Ford Falcon.

I am currently restoring my Fairlaine 500 which is in the shop recently shot blasted and ready to get some parts on it. My plan is to take it circuit car racing so I better get building!





I have always been into classic cars. I guess growing up with a granddad running the All Ford Rally and taking me to every car show helped!! So when me and Jim met we just hit it off.

Now we live and breathe hotrodding and have built Valley Gas to where it is now.











I have owned various cars in my time from a 65 Thunderbird to a Karmann Ghia.












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I have always been into cars and bikes for as long as I can remember. I went to college for 4 years to study Automotive.

Ever since I went to my first Car Show I wanted a Classic, 2 years ago I got my hands on a Moggy 1000. It started as a shell but I have worked hard painting, carpeting, getting a new engine and restoring it, I still have a few things to get finished on it but I will be out tearing up the streets really soon.

Working at Valley Gas is such an experience! I love working on all the different cars that come in and building up my skills.

























Its thanks to my Uncle im as mad into cars as I am. Even at such a young age I enjoyed getting in his consul going to all the shows.

I have been with Valley Gas for a few years now and I have learnt so much and being able to work on hot rods/concepts is my dream job.








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"Little Lil"

Well my position at Valley Gas so I'm told is shop dog. Don't know what this means? But it does mean I get to ride to work in a 52 Ford sedan delivery every day, meet all the customers and get to eat all the lads food at lunch time so it must be a good job.